What happens after I purchase work[s]?

Once you purchase work[s], you’ll receive an email from kate@thepeoplemovers.co with links and passwords to access artworks.

If you don’t see an email right away, please check your promotions and spam folders. If you still don’t see it, send an S.O.S. to kate@thepeoplemovers.co.

How long do I have access to artworks that I purchase?

With the exception of livestream works, you’ll have access to artworks for as long as this installation is running.

We currently plan to have this website and these artworks up through August 2020. 

How does it work for livestream performances?

The date and time for livestream performances will be promoted on this website and on ours and the artists’ social media channels. If you can attend, sign up like you would buy a ticket for an event.

Following your purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the livestream. When it’s time, follow those instructions and you’ll be able to see and engage!

Can't I just share the links and password with my friends who don't pay?

Um, well, you could, but that would be a dick move. 

All of us spent a lot of time carefully curating and creating rigorous, intelligent works for you to experience, all with **very** limited resources, after our industry has been gutted by this pandemic. Please take that to-go coffee money you’re saving right now and put it where it matters.

That said, if you’re really struggling with funds right now, and art is your lifeline, email kate@thepeoplemovers.co and/or brendandrakechoreography@gmail.com. We aren’t monsters, we promise. We’ll find a way to work with you. Just please ask first!

Where does my money go?

We’d love to be able to make these all available for free. But the truth is that artists are some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus. This series is meant to be not only an outlet for creativity and generation, but a means of supporting artists whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by COVID-19.

We started the series with $1840 in donations, which was distributed among participating artists as follows:

  • 40% to be split between Brendan and Kate for organizational and creative contributions
  • 60% to be split evenly among all participating artists

Money earned from audience purchases are split evenly among Kate, Brendan, and participating artists.

Some artists have decided to donate their proceeds to COVID-19 related support funds.

What was your curatorial process like?

We held an open public call, and also reached out specifically to artists in our community to contribute acts. Artists were selected based on the clarity and cohesion of their applications, the creative approach and ideas around bravery, and the urgency of their responses and ideas.

We had long and involved conversations around the best way to fairly and transparently navigate an open call. Invitation only felt limited and nepotistic; an entirely open call had the potential to privilege people with access to the systems already in place to respond quickly and easily (and indeed, the majority of applicants for our open call were white-identifying, cis women).

As artists ourselves, we have engaged in hundreds of these and have pooled our best and worst experiences to arrive at this system. This system of asking, both personally and widely, felt like the best compromise — as long as we continue to be clear and upfront about how and why we made the choices we did.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be releasing a podcast documenting our process from inception through selection and presentation.

If you have any questions or polite and engaged feedback on this process, we welcome you to write to us at kate@thepeoplemovers.co and brendandrakechoreography@gmail.com.

What if I want to learn more about or engage directly with one of the artists?

We’re so happy to hear an artist’s work spoke to you! I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

Check out our artists page. Artist bios are there, along with links to their websites and social media.