In unprecedented times of fear and uncertainty — like the current COVID-19 pandemic — the arts are where we turn. We turn to them for inspiration, to be in communion with others. To push our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits beyond our comfort zones. In this particular moment, when the most responsible thing to do is self-isolate, this becomes a great challenge.

Our community has been hit hard by this crisis. Dance artists and performance spaces, those havens for embodied communion, are gutted by quarantine. Arts events across the country have been cancelled. Dance and arts practitioners find themselves suddenly and frighteningly out of work, and robbed of the support systems for their practice, social safety nets, and expression.

However, like all other moments in history, there is a unique and exciting opportunity to respond to the moment at hand.

19 Acts of COVID-19 Bravery is a call to push our creativity, as well as the frames and framing of our work. 19 artists built works responding to otherwise everyday occurrences that, during COVID-19, are re-framed as courageous, provocative, or acts of communal care. These performances are designed exclusively for digital spaces, to be seen and absorbed while we are socially distant.

Through this performance series, we hope to challenge the ways we can connect through technology, through our bodies, and through time, using the full might of our cleverness, our potential for abstraction, and our propensity for hope.